Whether you want the security of owning specific weeks each year or just want the flexibility of being able to exchange your weeks to suit your schedule and enjoy different experiences, we can accommodate everyones needs. Our flexible form of home ownership allows owners the option to either swap weeks each year if they cant come or rent out their weeks. In addition you can enjoy additional time at Pittormie through our short-notice programme that we have developed to accommodate changing holiday wishes.

Numerous weeks within the Calendar have special themes and events or are staged over special occasions. For example:

» Open Championship - Dunhill Championship,
2012 Ryder Cup and other major
glof events
» School half term weeks
» St Andrews University Graduation week and
Freshers week
» Christmas
» New Year
» Special themed weeks run by the Club including
shooting, fishing, wine tasting, Michelin Star
Cooking School
» Family weeks (split for different ages)

For a full list of weeks and activities please contact us for more information or let us consult with you which periods may suit you best!