Whether a novice or crack-shot, shooting alone or you wish to organize your own shoot you'll have access to some of the finest shooting in Scotland. Depending on where you shoot in Scotland, you will come across various kinds of game, which one can pursue at different times in the season. Scotland is widely regarded as the finest destination in the world for shooting, with driven grouse, partridge, pheasant and duck by far the most popular.

Most of the land in Scotland is owned by private estates. As such, all shoots are organized as days by the club with the respective estates in advance and members may schedule times, locations, species and number of guns. Each estate offers different types of experience, terrain and shot. Not only is Pittormie ideally situated to access a multitude of shoots but our knowledge and experience allows us to customize days depending upon ability and desires. Our fleet of chauffeured vehicles will escort you to and from over 40 destinations and Pittormie Castle will be your home with all its creature comforts when you return.

Clay pigeon target shooting
If you would like more practice on simulated teal, high pheasant or running hare or simply enjoy the exhilaration of our clay pigeon target shooting ranges, the Shooting School offers the very best in terms of sporting clays facilities and equipment. Expert instruction in sporting clay target shooting can be organized to suit all skill levels.