Fly fishing for salmon; Spey casting with a double handed rod, a floating line and a small fly, observing the Atlantic salmon rise to the fly is the epitome of fishing. Scotland offers some of the finest salmon fishing in the world to everyone, whether a novice or seasoned angler. The world famous rivers and lochs; the Tay, Dee, Tweed, Tummel, and the Nith are the closest to Pittormie and best known.

Salmon fishing is available somewhere in Scotland, from 11 January until 30 November, although some rivers do not open until February and some close on 30 September. It is said that runs of salmon may arrive in our largest river the Tay on any day of the year but of course there are peak times for sport-fishing. Spring salmon are the earliest running multi sea-winter fish. In most rivers the main runs start to arrive in March. On the Tay they can arrive much earlier but generally the numbers are fairly low until then. April and May are the hot times for spring salmon. These fish can be large, most years specimens of thirty or more pounds will be encountered on the larger rivers. In general the two sea winter class of salmon in early spring weigh between 7 and 12 pounds and the three sea-winter fish can be double those weights. By June the first of the grilse or one sea-winter arrive and continue to run from then until the end of the season, their weight increasing with each passing month. Large multi sea-winter fish are interspersed with the grilse to add spice to the sport. By autumn some of these fish can be veritable monsters.